Proctor Gas

About the project

The Client

A family owned propane company

Client name:
Proctor Gas Inc.

Proctor, Vermont

About The Company:
Proctor Gas is Vermont's oldest propane company, servicing customers throughout the state since 1966. Their dedication to customer comfort, safety and satisfaction has made them the propane company of choice for Vermonters.


The Challenge

A modern look for a timeless service

The old-fashioned, all-caps design no longer showcases the company's ingenuity or desire for progressiveness, making it seem outdated in today's economy!

The company needs a new website design that focuses on a modern image with some classic elements better-exhibiting versatility that represents their values and mission in the industry.

The Plan

Versatility in progressive times

We wanted to create a sleek and modern look that would highlight the traditional yet timeless quality of the company while establishing unique branding elements, typography and colors.

The design will reflect the company's commitment to excellent customer service, attention to detail, and years of experience in the industry. All qualities that makes them credible.

The solutions

A complete website overhaul that allows them to focus more on what matters - providing excellent customer service and reliable propane services while maintaining their position as market leaders in the propane industry.

Brief & Research

Identify the problems that need solving and achieve the project's vision, requirements and functionality.

Design & Development

Design a custom user interface and develop the site with best practice, industry standard code that search engines love.

Test & Launch

Complete prelaunch check lists, speed tests and page load times, submit the website to all search engines.

Track & Adjust

Monitor Analytics, collect user data and implement SEO adjustments to improve search engine rank & conversion.

The results

Customers can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience on any device without worrying about compatibility issues or complicated navigation. The new web design was made entirely from the company's preferences in better showcasing their brand, products, and services to the world.

Web Interface Design

A refreshing change

The interface is designed with a simple yet striking layout that features white and an array of blue shades.

The new design offers more than a refreshing change, but the color scheme and layout also provide a clear, easy navigation for visitors and a positive experience in discovering the company's products and services.

Mobile Friendly

In favor of small screens

Some users are more apt to access the internet on their smartphones than computers, while others prefer the other way around.

In order to accommodate every customer's needs and preferences, we made sure that the design functionality has a mobile-friendly interface suitable for people who want to access the site on smaller screens such as smartphones or tablets.

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